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Kishankalagi Unnat Biu-Bijan Karyakram (Improved Seed for Farmers Programme, ISFP) is a jointly funded
programme by Government of Nepal and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to support
accelerated agricultural growth. The programme duration is of seven years starting from December, 2012.
Ministry of Agricultural and Livestock Development is the executing agency of the programme with Heifer
International (as co-financer), Argo Enterprise Centre (AEC) and Sanna Kishan Bikash Laghu-bitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (SKBBL)/ Nepal Agriculture Cooperative
Central Federation Ltd. (NACCFL) as implementing partners.

1. Increased competitive, sustainable and inclusive rural growth.

1. To increase production of Truthfully Labelled improved seeds that are marketed within and beyond the
target area for increasing the productivity of crops. 2. To strengthen capacity of a broad range of rural institutions to provide sustainable services to smallholder
farmers. 3. To improve productivity of livestock systems which are more closely linked to markets.